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Our Products

Why is biocarbon important?


According to the Greenhouse Gas Emission Conference Board of Canada, Canadian residents produce more than 20 tonnes of greenhouse gasses per person per year. If Titan were to produce 10 tonnes of activated carbon, we could offset the emissions of our hometown of Craik, and make our town the first carbon-negative community in the modern world.

How does that work? Biocarbon (also knows as biochar) is made from plants which grew using photosynthesis.  Trees use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water.  By carbonizing that wood, we are effectively taking its inherent carbon dioxide out of the loop and stabilizing it as carbon.  If we bury this carbon in the ground as a soil amendment, it has been shown to remain stable for thousands of years.  Not only that, it works to help other plants grow and consume more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which can then be carbonized to remove even more carbon…and so on.

What can we do with it?

Titan has developed four carbon and activated charcoal products that are currently on the market:

Image credit: NATURE: A Handful of Carbon, May 10, 2007 Vol 447


Redesco is our bioplastic masterbatch. With plastic bans in effect due to the extreme longevity of traditional plastic, Titan has developed a biocarbon masterbatch that meets ASTM standards for composability. The carbon content adds strength, UV resistance and colour.


Mayan Gold was Titan's inaugural carbon product.  Used by Mezzo-Americans thousands of years ago, buried carbon gives beneficial soil bacteria a place to live, like a giant apartment complex.  This needs to naturally richer soils and a marked yield increase, particularly in  poor soils.


Carbon 2M boluses are sold as a veterinarian health product.  Carbon has been used as a toxin binder for generations all over the world.  North Americas are now beginning to understand its advantages for animal gut health, and Carbon 2M intends to lead the way in in natural treatments.

Titan is expanding in to activated charcoal filtration products, and can supply fine powder, granular or pelletized versions.


Black Kitty's Odour Eliminator are charcoal pellets that naturally absorb odour molecules without masking perfumes. It has proven to be am amazing odour absorber for everything from litter-boxes, to apartment garbage rooms to basements and closets. Reformulated in 2924, our product is cleaner and has a greater capacity to absorb ammonia.

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