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2024 NEWS

Titan receives IRAP funding for pfas removal

february 12, 2024


Titan is pleased to announce its approval from the Government of Canada Industrial Research and Assistance Program (IRAP) to participation in ICAP  – International Co-Innovation Action Plan.  The program will advance co-developed technology that utilizes Titan’s bio-based activated carbon for the remediation of purification of water and wastewater impacted by PFAS, the ‘forever chemicals’ that are found in nearly every eco-system around the world.


The collaboration includes partners from Sweden and the UAE.


Titan's team "carbon4climate" Semi-finalist in CARBON XPrize competition

february 1, 2024

Titan is pleased to announce its membership in team Carbon4Climate for the $100 million XPRIZE Carbon Removals Competition.  Titan has teamed with Flowcarbon, Takanka Oyate Holdings LLP, and the University of Saskatchewan. 


The competition provides a physical demonstration and validation of the cost to remove kilo-tonne levels of carbon dioxide and the cost and pathway for the needed mega- and giga-tonne removals.  The competition includes over 250 teams from around the world.  


Please visit for a video and more information about our team and this exciting competition. 

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