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2023 NEWS

Titan attends COP 28 as part of provincial delegation

December 1-12, 2023- Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Titan joined a delegation led by the Premier of Saskatchewan of over 30 business, academic and government leaders at the COP 28, the global meeting for climate action. 


In an fireside chat, Titan presented its work on carbon dioxide removals (CDR) at the Saskatchewan Pavilion in the Green Zone on December 8.  Titan’s Jamie Bakos, Michele Kiss, Roger Sarrazin, and Rick Pilling attended more than 20 events and 8 receptions including the Sustainable Innovation Forum, Sustainable Finance Forum, Agri-Food Systems Summit, receptions at the Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Climate Action Zone, McKinsey Carbon Dioxide Removals reception at Jumerah Beach Resort, the Global Big 5 Energy and Materials Conference, ArabPlast (plastics conference), and the Middle East Natural Product & Food Expo. 


It was an amazing and energizing two weeks for networking, collaboration, idea generation, deal making, and progress on the climate action front.  Big thanks to our Premier, the Ministry of Trade and Export, and Saskatchewan Trade and Exporters Association for all their hard work in delivering this successful collaboration. 

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Titan Named Foresight Canada's “Foresight 50”- Canada's 50 Most Investible Cleantech Ventures.

November 8, 2023- Calgary, Alberta

We are thrilled to announce that Titan Clean Energy was named Foresight Canada's “Foresight 50”- Canada's 50 Most Investible Cleantech Ventures.


This year’s Foresight 50 honourees were chosen from over 150 applications, reviewed by a panel of independent judges representing investors and cleantech community partners. Judges selected the honourees based on criteria including investability, potential environmental impact, job creation, and probability of success.


Jeanette Jackson, CEO, Foresight Canada, is enthusiastic about this year’s nominees, "The ventures included in this year’s Foresight 50 are nothing short of awe-inspiring. These game-changing innovators are scaling the critical climate solutions we need to solve the world's most urgent climate challenges and accelerate the transition to net zero. Congratulations and thank you for all you are doing for Canadian cleantech!" 


The opening event was held last night in Calgary with each company pitching their climate solution.  Jamie Bakos presented Titan’s solution of revolutionizing waste management and combatting climate change through slow pyrolysis.  Pyrolysis sequesters three tonnes of carbon dioxide for every tonne of carbon production, with the company’s offtake is converted into products such as activated carbon, bio-plastics, and biofuels.  


A forum, meetings and a reception follow today.


Learn more about the 2023 Foresight 50 and explore the comprehensive pitchbook featuring all the recognized ventures


Foresight 50 2023 is made possible through the support of Gowling WLG and the contributions of the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, BackStretch Recruitment Group, Copoint, Easly, the National Angel Capital Organization, Pathways Alliance, and Startup TNT.


We would also like to express our gratitude to the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) for their vital funding support, which has been instrumental in making our participation in the Cleantech Ventures program possible.

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Titan joins Canadian Trade Accelerator Program

november 15-March 22- Mexico City, Mexico


Titan has been accepted into the prestigious Canadian Trade Accelerator (CTA) Program in Mexico City. The program will run from November 15, 2023 to March 22, 2024, and will include on-line training for doing business in Mexico, B2B meetings, and in-person networking and deal making in Mexico City and Monterrey from March 10 to 17, 2024

Titan attends THRIVE Global impact summit,

november 1-2, 2023- Santa Clara, california


Titan's Jamie Bakos met with entrepreneurs, investors and influential leaders from agriculture and food technology at the THRIVE Global Impact Summit in Santa Clara, California.  THRIVE is a platform meant to engage corporations, academia and growers to solve the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries.The event included a pitch competition and several engaging roundtable discussions.  

THRIVE Global.png

Titan attends VERGE 23

october 19, 2023-  San Jose, CAlifornia

Jamie Bakos attended Verge 23- the leading climate tech event accelerating solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. It is the center of gravity for the climate community including leaders from business, government, solution providers and startups who are working together to address the climate crisis.


The event convenes the whole ecosystem needed to confront the climate crisis across buildings, carbon, energy, food, startups and transport and displaying hundreds of cutting-edge climate tech companies offering interactive demonstrations of their leading climate tech solutions at the largest ever VERGE Expo.


During this event, Titan also attended a reception for the XPRIZE Carbon Removals Competition for some excellent networking for with like- minded companies focussed on sequestering carbon from our atmosphere.

Verge 23.jpg

Titan attends forum at western university,

october 19, 2023- London, Ontario

Titan participated in a biocomposites and biomaterials forum at Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Composites Research at Western University, London, ON. This forum focused on forest-based biomaterials, their applications in next generation composite products and other opportunities for research mobilization, and included presentations, updates from Nextfor and a tour of the facilities.

Titan a panelist at the Carbon Smart Summit

September 18, 2023- New York, New York

Flowcarbon, the trailblazing carbon finance and technology company dedicated to scaling the voluntary carbon market, convened the Carbon Smart Summit in New York on September 18.  40 speakers focussed on such topics as policy and regulatory developments, the future of carbon avoidance and removals credits, innovative carbon finance structures, emerging market infrastructure, trends in corporate commitments, and the intersection of carbon markets and blockchain technology.

Titan's Jamie Bakos was on the panel discussing "Carbon Removals: Creating Strategic Scale". He found a lot of interest in technologies such as Titan's pyrolysis unit at the event. "There is a lot of interest in carbon sequestration right now. This summit is packed with people from technology, finance and investment. It's an amazing gathering."

FlowCarbon CSS.jpg

TITAN PRESENTS AT engineering conference PYROLIQ ii

May 10, 2023- VIENNA, AUSTRIA

Jamie Bakos and Michele Kiss attended Pyroliq II, a conference focused on the liquids generated from Pyrolysis.  The conference focused on current research being done to determine the profiles from various pyrolytic methods and inputs. The event took place in the former hunting lodge of Schloss Hernstein, just outside of Vienna Austria.  "The conference was limited to about 65 attendees and the secluded location of Schloss Hernstein allowed for all of us to really focus on the work being done, said Michele Kiss, Manager at Titan.  "Sharing al our meals together made it easy for us to get to know each other and share ideas. It was a well organized, sold-out event, and there are already plans for a Pyroliq III in two years."

Jamie Bakos was the keynote speaker on March 10, and presented "Current Markets and Business Opportunities for Pyrolysis Liquids" on May 10 to showcase the potential markets for pyrolysis liquids from an industrial perspective. "There is a growing need for biofuels as the world works to reduce carbon emissions", he said. "We believe that pyrolysis liquids can play a role if the mitigation of fossil fuels, particularly as pyrolysis is such efficient carbon sequestration method in itself."

For more information about the event, please visit the website here.


The Ministry of Trade and Export Development tour Titan 

March 30, 2023- Craik, Saskatchewan

Titan hosted a group of 15 international trade and development professionals at their site in Craik on March 30. The tour began with a review of Titan's projects and projects-in-development, then continued to the processing site to view the wood recycling, charcoal activation and bioplastics line. The group represented a broad range of countries, including The United Arab Emirates, Mexico, England, Singapore, China and Japan among others.

The tour stopped in various locations around Saskatchewan to promote investment and partnership opportunities with businesses in the province. "We're proud to be showcased as part of this tour.  Saskatchewan has a lot to offer, and we can make great contributions towards carbon sequestration, both at home and abroad", said Michele Kiss, Manager at Titan. "These programs help our province gain some traction and recognition the international scene. Farming is important, but it is not all we do out here."

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