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2023 NEWS

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The Ministry of Trade and Export Development tours Titan's site, 

March 30, 2023

Titan hosted a group of 15 international trade and development professionals at their site in Craik on March 30. The tour began with a review of Titan's projects and projects-in-development, then continued to the processing site to view the wood recycling, charcoal activation and bioplastics line. The group represented a broad range of countries, including The United Arab Emirates, Mexico, England, Singapore, China and Japan among others.

The tour stopped in various locations around Saskatchewan to promote investment and partnership opportunities with businesses in the province. "We're proud to be showcased as part of this tour.  Saskatchewan has a lot to offer, and we can make great contributions towards carbon sequestration, both at home and abroad", said Michele Kiss, Manager at Titan. "These programs help our province gain some traction and recognition the international scene. Farming is important, but it is not all we do out here."


Jamie Bakos and Michele Kiss attended Pyroliq II, a conference focused on the liquids generated from Pyrolysis.  The conference focused on current research being done to determine the profiles from various pyrolytic methods and inputs. The event took place in the former hunting lodge of Schloss Hernstein, just outside of Vienna Austria.  "The conference was limited to about 65 attendees and the secluded location of Schloss Hernstein allowed for all of us to really focus on the work being done, said Michele Kiss, Manager at Titan.  "Sharing al our meals together made it easy for us to get to know each other and share ideas. It was a well organized, sold-out event, and there are already plans for a Pyroliq III in two years."

Jamie Bakos was the keynote speaker on March 10, and presented "Current Markets and Business Opportunities for Pyrolysis Liquids" on May 10 to showcase the potential markets for pyrolysis liquids from an industrial perspective. "There is a growing need for biofuels as the world works to reduce carbon emissions", he said. "We believe that pyrolysis liquids can play a role if the mitigation of fossil fuels, particularly as pyrolysis is such efficient carbon sequestration method in itself."

For more information about the event, please visit the website here.

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