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2021 NEWS

Titan Attends PLAST-EX in Toronto November 9-11, 2021


Titan's Jamie Bakos attended Advanced Design & Manufacturing's PLAST-EX in Toronto, November 9-11.  A hot topic of the 2021 show was "Sustainability- how to sustainably design and develop to meet the needs of today without compromising tomorrow", which is precisely Titan's target for the development of the company's bioplastics and sustainable plastic additives. Mr. Bakos states, “It’s great to see the world taking an interest in the future of plastics, and ways to increase sustainability in the most ubiquitous product on the planet.  There is so much room for growth and advancement, and Titan is well-positioned to be on the leading edge of change."

For more information on the expo, please click here.


Titan Attends Compounding World Expo, Cleveland November 3-4, 2021


Titan's Jamie Bakos attended the Compounding World Expo in Cleveland this November.  "As the first plastic conference we've attended, I was very impressed with the quality of the exhibitors and the interest in bioplastics and potentially our carbon concentrate. There is a sea-change in the plastics industry with a focus on renewable content given the public pressure to do better.  We are looking forward to entering the market and contributing to a more sustainable plastics industry." said Jamie.

For more information on this Expo, please click here.


Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) awards funding for two Titan projects.

January 21, 2021

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), the industry-led organization behind Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, has announced over $27 million in funding for winners in its Strategic Supply Challenge.

The competition, which ran last summer, challenged companies to employ advanced manufacturing technologies to build a sustainable, made-in-Canada, cost competitive supply of critical products that can be used in Canada’s fight against COVID-19 and beyond. The challenge funding supports twelve Canadian companies and their project partners, representing a total combined investment of over $60 million to develop advanced manufacturing projects.

“These projects are not simply investments in products to address the pandemic,” said Jayson Myers, CEO, NGen. “They are investments in advanced manufacturing processes and technologies that will help meet the immediate needs created by COVID-19, while also developing a sustainable, globally competitive and cost-effective domestic supply that can be applied to industry needs beyond the pandemic.”

“The demands created by COVID-19 highlighted the importance of understanding supply networks and building a stable, made-in-Canada supply of critical products,” said Ali Ehsassi, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “These new projects developed by innovative Canadian companies, and supported through NGen, will allow businesses to improve the resiliency and reliability of their critical supply networks to meet their immediate needs, while creating world-leading manufacturing capabilities that will support Canadian competitiveness in the long term.”

NGen allocated up to $30 million to co-invest in projects that focus on strengthening Canadian manufacturing and supply chain capabilities. Winning projects were selected based on critical needs identified by the Government of Canada, the long-term viability of manufacturing those products in Canada, and the ability of manufacturers to produce products that are safe for use and meet required product and production quality standards.

Titan is involved in the following projects:

  1. ​Titan Clean Energy Project Corp., Craik, SK, and partners Panther Industries Inc., Davidson, SK, BIG-nano., Waterloo, ON, K+S Potash Canada, Saskatoon, SK, and Canada Masq, Richmond Hill, ON, are developing a process that will build a 100% Canadian supply of biodegradable melt-blown fabric for use in PPE and HEPA filters. This project will produce biodegradable melt-blown resin and fabric that is comprised of 100% renewable Canadian biomaterials, replacing the highly polluting fossil-fuel derived resins that are currently imported from Asia, Europe and USA. The benefits include reduced air pollution, a lower carbon footprint, and improved and biodegradable N95 masks and HEPA filter products.

  2. The BIG-nano Corporation., Waterloo, ON along with partners Swenco, Waterloo, ON, IPC Technologies dba Prescientx, Cambridge, ON, APC Filtration, Brantford, ON, and Titan Clean Energy Project Corp., Craik, SK, has developed a project to develop melt blown nanofiber filter material for the production of PPE and air purification filters. Compared to conventional microfiber filter media, nanofiber filter media has higher filtration efficiencies, longer filter life and provides easier breathability. This project will use Big-nano's technology to reduce Canada’s reliance on foreign suppliers for critical nanofiber meltblown material by developing world-class material, creating a globally competitive cost structure and mass production capacity in Canada.



For the full press release, please click here

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