Biocarbon is an important additive in composite materials to add strength, colour and UV protection to plastic. Our proprietary production process makes our concentrated masterbatches carbon-negative, which can reduce the carbon footprint of plastics by up to 85%.  Not only that, our masterbatches are both compostable and marine- biodegradable, offering part of the solution to mitigating global plastic waste.

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We offer concentrated carbon masterbatch and masterbatch materials for a variety of applications including compostable food packaging and meltblown fabric.

In October 2020 Titan received NGen (Next Generation Manufacturing Canada) funding to support the production of biodegradable meltblown fabric to help Canada develop its ability to manufacture PPE. Our masterbatch forumlations will supply a meltblown fabric manufacturer in Ontario, who will then supply a Canadian PPE manufacturer.  Together we will produce millions of compostable N95 masks per day, and help Canada increase its self-sufficiency in regards to PPE manufacturing.

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