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2022 NEWS

Titan Featured in Global Ventures Magazine

October, 2022

Titan was featured in Global Ventures Magazine (Fall Edition, 2022) in an article titled: Reducing Emissions, Reusing Biomass, and Recycling Old Ways.


For a PDF of this article, please click here.


Titan invited to speak at the plastic waste free world conference, June 8-9, Atlanta


Titan's Jamie Bakos will present Carbon- Negative Plastics?  Using Bio-based Carbon in a Circular Economy at the Plastic Waste Free World Conference in Atlanta this June.   Plastics represents and enormous opportunity to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and incorporate renewable materials in existing fossil-based plastics, as well as compostable bioplastics.  This can be achieved though the incorporation of organic, pyrogenic carbon fillers that add strength, colour, and UV protection to a masterbatch. Jamie’s presentation will give an overview of the potential for carbon-credits in the plastics industry as carbon credit are projected to become a US$200 billion industry by 2050.

For more information on this Plastic Waste Free World, please click here.




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