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2017 NEWS

Titan and AAFC trial phosphorous-enhanced biochar pellets

July 26, 2017


An exiting new Titan biochar product was showcased at the 2017 Melfort Research Farm Annual Field Day. The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) provided a 20 minute presentation on the new phosphorous enhanced biochar pellets that can be used in air seeding applications.   Following the presentation by AAFC, Titan’s Jamie Bakos provided an introduction to Titan and displayed samples of the new product.

A similar event was held at Indian Head at IHARF on July 18.  The AAFC researchers fielded 14 questions on the project including topics such as carbon sequestration and feedstock options.  The level of interest in biochar and related opportunities was very high.

The research may lead to new phosphorous management technologies, new carbon negative farming practices, and better overall nutrient management and environmental protection.

Titan achieves Organic Input Approval from CSI

July 20, 2017

Titan has been approved as an organic input supplier for the company's three products: Carbon 2M, Mayan Gold and Firefly Activated Charcoal.

CSI offers organic certification to the Canada Organic Regime with equivalency to the United State's National Organic Program (NOP) and the EU's Organic Regulations. CSI also offers organic certification with equivalency to the Japanese Agricultural Standard.  For more information on CSI, click here.


June 19, 2017


Titan was invited to attend the Imaginea Energy-Innotech Alberta annual field tour at Brooks Alberta. 

The field tour highlighted research being conducted by InnoTech Alberta to investigate the use of low input and minimal management technologies, including plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and enriched biochar to expedite and enhance reclamation and remediation within the Dry Mixed grass Natural Subregion. 


The event was attended by more than 20 individuals representing the oil and gas industry, restoration and reclamation, government regulators, policy, managers, and field personnel.  The tour comprised three site locations.  Each of the locations featured biocarbon (biochar) manufactured by Titan. 

Titan's president, Jamie Bakos, stated, “The research being conducted by InnoTech and Imaginea is very exciting.  Their research may lead to low cost natural remediation and reclamation processes that could have a very positive effect on the oil and gas industry by speeding the return of oil lease properties to the landholders.  We are very impressed by the industry leadership and the quality of the research and attention to detail by Imaginea and InnoTech”.


July 18-21, 2017

Titan was on of over 400 exhibitors at a record-breaking Ag in Motion, the largest agricultural trade show in Western Canada that showcased farm equipment and products in a  field north of Saskatoon.  This outdoor venue was geared toward progressive farmers that want to see and feel the latest agricultural innovations.


Titan shared a booth with Prairie Microtech to showcase our Carbon 2M charcoal products for animal feed supplements.  "There was a lot of interest in our products, since carbon has been off the radar lately, even though it used to be used widely by farmers who still remember its benefits," said Titan employee Brandon Sarrazin. "This was a great show with a lot of interest.  We'll definitely have to be back next year."

Titan Presents at the Nutrition Capital Network & Natural Products Canada Investor Meeting

June 20 & 21, 2017


Titan was selected as one of 18 companies to present at the inaugural Natural Products Canada investor meeting on June 20 and 21 in Toronto.


The conference was delivered in partnership with Nutrition Capital Network, the leading U.S. gateway for connecting companies in the natural products sector with investors.  Titan's Executive Director Chris Bedford provided a ten-minute presentation introducing Titan's exciting Carbon 2M product for animal nutrition. 


Chris was impressed with the event. "Many thanks to Shelley King and the rest of the Natural Products Canada team.  It was a quality event and we look forward to following up on a significant amount of interest from investors in Canada and in the United States."

Titan Wins "Leadership in Waste Minimization" Award

May 18, 2017

Waste ReForum 2017 was held in Saskatoon on  May 18 and 19.  This event is a joint conference of SWANA Northern Lights and Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council. The theme this year was "Co-Create", a collaborative process that brings everyone together to develop solutions that work for everyone.  Titan's Jamie Bakos presented "BioProducts Revolution: Biomass and the Opportunity to Reduce Carbon Emissions" during the Next Big Things session.

Later that night, Titan won the award for "Leadership in Waste Minimization" for the efforts made to recycle organics and  wood from industrial build-out projects. Representing Titan were Michele Kiss, Rick Pilling, Roger Sarrazin and Jamie Bakos.


"Many of these so-called waste products are valuable biomass and can be re-purposed", said Michele Kiss.  "I'm proud that our team has helped reduce unnecessary waste in landfills, and it's an honour to be recognized by the SWRC.  As we've seen from the presented awards this evening, there are many companies making great strides in waste reduction in the province- each in its own way.  We're in excellent company."

Titan Presents at the Agri-Tech Venture Forum, Toronto

May 11, 2017

Chris Bedford and Jamie Bakos participated in the Company Showcase Presentations at this event on May 11. The event promotes new companies in the agriculture sector by providing a place for companies and investors to meet, creating a point of interaction for financial capital, innovation and global commercialization.  "it was a really interesting event with a lot of strong companies attending", said Jamie Bakos.  "We made some excellent contacts, and got good feedback after our presentation. I anticipate building some new relationships after this event."

​​Titan Presents at Drayton Valley Rural Innovation Forum

March 10, 2017


Titan's was pleased to speak at the Drayton Valley Rural Innovation Forum.  The event provided a forum for local governments, industry leaders, economic development  agencies,  and  technology  innovators to learn about innovative solutions that are economically and environmentally sustainable.  Titan provided a case study of how sustainable bio-products are having a meaningful impact on carbon emission reductions while adding tremendous economic benefits in rural Canada.  Titan's President and CEO Jamie Bakos provided the presentation, and stated "Many thanks to conference organizer Sustainability Resources Ltd for a great day of discussions at the energizing event".

PMT's Janie Jenson and Titan's Brandon Sarrazin at Ag in Motion

Chris Bedford displays Titan's offering at the NPC Investor Forum

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