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2019 NEWS

Titan Clean Energy wins plastics challenge from Innovation, Science and economic Development Canada

August 9, 2019 

Titan Clean Energy was one of four Canadian companies awarded funds under the Innovative Solutions Canada program to solve problems in the agricultural sector.  Titan won the Plastics Challenge, and is now tasked to validate the concept for the creation of biodegradable bio-plastics derived from agricultural biomass suitable for use as a replacement for single-use plastics. 

To read the entire news release, please click here.



Titan Clean Energy featured in promotion video by 

Ag West Bio

June, 2019


Featured as one of four companies to watch by Ag West Bio, click here to watch a three-minute video that describes who we are and what we do.



mAY 7, 2019


Titan's President, Jamie Bakos, was interviews on CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition when word of our charcoal odour eliminator pellets reached the staff at the station.  Click on the link below to listen to Jamie's interview with Garth Materie as he describes what our product does and how it can help control odours in your home.




TITAN'S Jamie Bakos speaks about Mayan Gold on CJME/ CKOM's Garden Talk

May 5, 2019


Titan’s biochar soil enhancer, Mayan Gold, was featured on Garden Talk, the weekly gardening radio show hosted by Jay Thomas and Dutch Grower's resident expert, Rick Van Duyvendyk.  During the interview, Jamie explains how biochar works and what it will do for your garden. 


Jamie's interview leads the show, and lasts around 10 minutes.  


research results:

Milk Production Study on Reduced Dry Matter Intake 

February 25, 2019

Dr. Gail Carpenter from the University of Guelph Ridgetown campus presented the results of some recent research that used Carbon 2M in a dairy cow feed trial.  

The goal of the research was to add 0.5% Carbon 2M into the feed of 12 healthy dairy cows to determine if there was any impact due to the inclusion of Carbon 2M superfine.   The results showed no difference in milk production; however, the Carbon 2M group required 10% less dry matter intake to produce the same amount of milk. 

Dr. Carpenter reviewed a number of papers that studied the use of charcoal in animal husbandry including a 2012 study that showed significant gains in feed conversion, and a 2019 paper from Nebraska that indicated that biochar in feed diets helped reduce methane emissions from cattle.  Dr. Carpenter was able to present and evaluate several theories as to the mechanism for such results. 

Titan is excited to learn about the impact of charcoal in healthy animal systems and more about the potential mechanisms of how charcoal impacts animal gut health. As charcoal has been used widely in animals and humans as a toxin binder and odour control agent, it is great to learn about the potential to use Carbon 2M as a daily feed additive. 

We congratulate Dr. Carpenter on this research and look forward for further opportunities to collaborate with Dr. Carpenter and the University of Guelph, who are leaders in applied agriculture, animal science, and environmental research.  

University of Waterloo- Biochar in temperate agriculture

February 25, 2019

Titan was invited to present an overview of biochar production and characterization at the University of Waterloo on February 25, 2019.The one-day workshop established by Dr. Maren Oelbermann had an intense program with breakout sessions related to climate change, the use of biochar in agriculture, and the socio-economics of large-scale applications of biochar.  

Titan’s Jamie Bakos  provided a 20-minute presentation and chaired the afternoon session entitled “Biochar production and quality: can biochar be a readily available and economically feasible?” Kathleen Draper from the Ithaka Institute in Rochester New York, and W. Jiang from the University of Waterloo co-chaired the session. Mr. Bakos was pleased with the event, stating "we had an exciting day of interaction with the academic, government, and business leaders in the world of biochar and biocarbon, and look forward to other events in the future."


Globe Capital- Toronto

February 26-28, 2019


Titan participated in a delegation led by the Prairie Biosciences group from February 26 to 28, 2019 at Globe Capital at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. 


The event, themed “Financing the 21st Century” kicked- off with a networking and matchmaking session to connect leaders in clean technology with other industry and government leaders and financiers. This was Titan’s third trade mission with Prairie Biosciences in less than a year and we thank them for taking these important initiatives. "The Globe series of events always offers some of the best networking in the clean technology space", said Titan's Jamie Bakos.

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