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the Odour eliminator

The use of natural products is becoming more important for people, as we are exposed to more chemicals and pollutants every year.

An excellent way to deodorize our living spaces is with activated charcoal, and the secret to why charcoal is so effective is in the tiny nano-pores that make up the carbonized wood. 

Charcoal has a structure like a honeycomb with thousands of little holes allowing for incredible surface area between 250 m  and 1000 m  per gram. These holes trap the tiny particles that create smell and lock them away- just like a sponge absorbs water.


Cats have 200 million scent receptors in their nasal cavity- way more than most dogs- and have a sense of smell fourteen times stronger than humans. Rather than covering up unpleasant odours with chemical scents, charcoal lets your pet breathe easier by eliminating strong smells at the source.

To help absorb strong scents around a litterbox, just add about a cupful of Black Kitty's Odour Eliminator directly to kitty litter and dispose of it with the litter. The charcoal absorbs both liquid and odour in the litterbox, helping neutralize the smell.


You can also use the charcoal in any other space that is musty or smelly. Just place it in a perforated bag or open box (as you would baking soda) to absorb odours in your fridge, closet, car, or anywhere else. Once the charcoal pores are full, you’ll notice that it’s not as effective as it once was.  You can then put the used charcoal in your compost or garden to boost the vitality of your soil.





In May 2019, president and CEO Jamie Bakos, was interviewed on CBC Radio's Morning Edition in Saskatoon, SK.  Click in the link below to listen and discusses Black Kitty's with the host.




Click Here to Listen 


Laurel, Moose Jaw, SK

"I used this product once so far. I have a fat male cat that has very smelly pee and the house always smelled like I owned a cat. I noticed yesterday after it was put in the litter the night before that the house didn't smell anymore. I have used  multi cat litter thinking that would help with the smell and nothing was working. This stuff does!"

Joanne, Moose Jaw, SK

We have indoor cars and have tried EVERYTHING!  Litter is so yuck we’ve moved it to basement, got two big Rubbermaid tubs to stack on top of each other and cut a “door” for the cats to hopefully try and tame the smell, and nothing has worked.  Two days of the charcoal and a HUGE difference, so would like another pail if possible”.

Jody, Facebook recommendation

"After my cat had surgery, I was forced to contain him in my room along with his litter...yuck! I used BK’s, and I was amazed at how it kept the smell away, literally within hours! I also have two other cats so I threw some in their boxes in my basement and again, within hours I couldn’t smell a thing! No messy tracking, the pellets are small enough to go through my scooper and it doesn’t affect the clumping capabilities of my litter. All natural safe for my cats, it’s a win-win!"


Morgan, Saskatoon, SK        

"We have two cats and one litter box. I clean their litter box quite regularly, and thought it didn’t smell, but after adding the charcoal, man, you can really notice a difference! There is now literally no smell in the laundry room (where we keep the litter box).  This product is amazing and we will be adding Black Kitty's charcoal to their litter from now on!  Thank you for this- I really despise the litter that adds perfumes to mask the ammonia smell."

This is Black Kitty, (also known as BK). She was in the office with us until her passing in 2021 at the age of 20. Her legacy lives on in the product named for her.


Glenn  and Linda, Saskatoon

"Becoming managers of a 75 unit senior’s apartment complex held its challenges, one of which was getting the smell of our garbage bin under control. Complaints were frequent from those using the garbage chutes and from residents with underground parking spots near the garbage room. We decided to try Black Kitty's  charcoal pellets, and we immediately noticed an improvement. After experimenting we found that about 3/4 of a cup sprinkled into the bottom of the empty 30-yard bin keeps the smell under control. There were no more complaints!"



Regina’s Pet Depot, Regina

"Your product is amazing. We put some into our ferret and cats litter box, and this morning there was no smell. Normally you can always smell the ferrets, but this morning you had to get really close the cage and even then, you could hardly smell anything. Thanks so much for a great product. We’ll be sure to keep it in stock!"



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