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What We Do


Titan Clean Energy Projects   began in 2008 as a project developer, intending to bring ground-breaking technologies to the marketplace. Since then, we’ve created more than a dozen activated charcoal-based products across a variety of markets from soil amendments to veterinarian products and health and beauty ingredients.

As the world focuses on carbon- sequestration, climate change, and limiting single-use plastics, Titan is taking its experience and developing a compostable, marine-biodegradeable bioplastic masterbatch, or the base plastic beads that all products are made from.  This will be ideal for food containers and grocery store packaging, and well as being meltblown into a fabric that can be used for items like masks and hospital gowns.

Titan intends to divert as much biomass as possible from the waste stream and create valuable new products from organic matter. To that end, we accept wood waste from construction projects and break it down for carbon production as well as bulk absorbent and energy products.  We also accept treated wood, which is mechanically separated, ground and turned into products exclusively for the energy and plastics industry.

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