seasonal products:
coloured mulch

Each spring and summer we make coloured mulch from the recycled wood we have here at our site in Craik.

The wood we use for our coloured mulch is hand sorted, to ensure a pure wood product without paint or contaminants, and is 100% untreated.  We import a special mulch dye from the U.S., so the product is pet and child-friendly and is safe to use anywhere. We have three colours to offer: red, black and brown.

We sell our mulch in bulk totes at 1.5 cubic yards each.Each tote is about 40"x40"x40" (or 1mx1mx1m).  That's enough mulch to cover over 80 square feet (7.5m  ) of space at 6" (15.25cm) deep, which is what we'd recommend for weed control.  If you only want to top-dress a flowerbed, you could cover twice that much.

We will deliver in-town for $10 every Friday morning, and are happy to help load a tote to any out of town customers between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday- Friday.


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