Titan uses a newly developed and modular proprietary pyrolysis technology that is of particular interest because a solid biomass can be converted into bio-char, bio-oil, low BTU combustible gases, and heat. 

The low BTU gases can fuel a heater, boiler, engine or turbine to generate heat and / or electricity. The bio-char can be sold as a solid fuel, a fertilizer, or converted into an activated carbon product similar to the material in a home water filter. The bio-oil can be consumed much like heating oil for energy, or refined into new chemicals and vehicle fuels.   

The biomass feedstock for the technology is forestry and agricultural residues, including wood chips, sawdust, oat hulls, and waste from rendering plants.  

The commercialization of pyrolysis has long been a goal of those in the renewable energy and clean technology sector.  Titan and its partners are leaders in this pursuit.


Bio-char is created by heating biomass in the absence of oxygen.  Its primary use is to increase the carbon concentration in soils and for atmospheric carbon capture and storage. Titan’s sells biochar under the label of Mayan Gold® in test markets in Western Canada.  Titan also supports research and new product development activities at several research facilities in North America.  


For more information on the benefits to soil enhancement, see National Geographic’s September 2008 feature entitled “Our Good Earth".




For more information on using biochar as a carbon sink, see CBC’s article entitled “Ancient fertilizer technique could help poor farmers, store carbon”.