Processing Facilities

Craik, Saskatchewan: Recognised by the United Nations Univerisity

Titan Clean Energy Projects has chosen Craik, Saskatchewan as the home for our first commercial processing facility.  Halfway between Saskatoon and Regina on the provinces busiest highway, Craik is ideally situated for the development of Titan’s processing facility.  Moreover, Craik has been widely recognized as one of Canada’s leading communities for the development of sustainable living.  In 2007, the United Nations University Chair for Education for Sustainable Development at York University, and the Secretary-General of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, designated the Regina-Craik-Saskatoon corridor as a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development.

RCE Saskatchewan is one of only four RCEs recognized in North America by the United Nations University, along with Toronto, Sudbury and Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are approximately 35 RCEs worldwide, all of which contribute to advancing the United Nations’ “Decade of Education for Sustainable Development” encompassing the years between 2005 and 2014.

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In 2005, the town set aside land for an Ecovillage, which encouraged families to build and live sustainably. Residents of the Ecovillage Project are expected to build energy efficient housing on separately deeded, un-serviced lots. Phase 1 sold out by November of 2007, and Phase 2 is currently in development.  The rewards and challenges faced by the tenacious residents of the Ecovillage made for an exciting episode on the CBC’s documentary series The Passionate Eye.