• 25 November 2016

    Titan exhibited at Agribition in Regina, Saskatchewan with distribution partner PMT Inc. 

  • 3 October 2016

    Titan is pleased to provide locally made activated carbon for the new body-care line producted by Riverstone Studios' Riverstone Naturals...


Titan has built its business model on the ideal of sustainability. The bio-refinery concept diverts waste from landfills,  processes that waste into high quality products, and sequesters carbon though the production of biochar. This business model defines Titan’s commitment to communities and the environment.

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Green Energy Futures: Biochar 101 

Green Energy Futures is "a multi-media storytelling project that is documenting the clean energy revolution that's already underway. It tells the stories of green energy pioneers who are moving forward in their homes, businesses and communities."

Titan Clean Energy was recently featured in an web episode.  To watch the video Biochar 101, please click here.